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.:Replica Ten (Contest Entry):. by Crispurplehearts
.:Replica Ten (Contest Entry):.

Name: Replica 10

Original: Luxord

Gender: Male

Nickname: Dice

Type: Replica



Personality: sly, sneaky, clever, trickster...

Dice is a gambler who LOVES to hustle. He also likes to pull pranks on other members, of course without getting caught. Luxord gave him the nickname after commenting that Dice always has a different outcome. You never know what he will plan next.

Catchphrase: "I can grantee that you are going to lose to me."

Met Sora at Port Royal.

He was very disappointed that he had to RTC (Return to Castle) right after the mission with Luxord after meeting Sora. Having your own crew, playing by your own rules and finding treasure….why in the world was he working with Organization XIII?!

Likes: Tricking others, winning, pirates and pranks.

Hobbies: Mess with Saix, Demyx and Larxene.

Dislikes: LOSING, getting caught….

Parent: Vexen (Creator)

Friends: Luxord, Xigbar





Blood-Crying, Unknownkid,Redux,

Riku_Bronx, Boris the Blade

(c) Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix, & Sega

Contest Entry for: :iconlexalice:

 Contest Time !!! Win a Premium Membership!

Replica Three (Contest Entry) by Crispurplehearts
Replica Three (Contest Entry)

Name: Three

Nickname: Odile the Dark Swan (she was giving the nickname Odile from her elegant and dark like nature)

Original: Xaldin

Gender: Female

Personality: Dark, Mean, Elegant, Passionate, Ambitious, Neat…

Creator: Vexen

Weapon: Odile only wields one Spear for the time being. Xaldin gave her one to practice with.

About: Xadlin and Odile don’t talk. Whenever they are on mission together she watches him and doesn’t say a word unless it is to question him about his motives. She likes to spend her days studying people around her. She has become obsessed with learning people’s weakness, knowing that she could use it to her advantage (learning this skill from Xaldin). She plans on becoming her own person like any Replica would but her ambition is strong. She wants to make her own dark world, where everyone has to obey her and her demands, a world where no one can tell her what to do or how to be.  Her passion is what makes her a very strong opponent.

Story: Meets Sora at Beast’s Castle

 Sora knew that something more was going on at Beast’s Castle. Not only was the Beast more enraged than ever before but Belle seemed to be acting the same way. As she shoved Sora, Donald and Goofy out of her room, he couldn’t believe that Belle was doing this. Why was she so angry? As Sora and his friends began to leave laughter was heard from across the halls. Sora summons his Keyblade ready for action as an Organization member walks up to him, “You’re pathetic.” The unknown member removes the hood appearing a girl that looked like Xaldin. “Who are you? What have you done to Belle?!” “I merely told her the truth.” “And that is?!” “Her anger will keep her strong!!”

Contest Entry for: Lexalice  


Eye texture:  C1R3N5

hair texture: KohakuUme6

dreads: chfgwuzhere

wings and hair piece: MMD3DCGParts

collar: TehPuroisen

coat and base: KohakuUme6 Kazuki9484

stage: Zido

pose: KikiGirl101

lance: Haseo-PPK

(c)SquareEnix & Disney

Melody the Kitten by Crispurplehearts
Melody the Kitten
Art Trade: :iconxxpurpleflowerninja:

Amy Rose:  SonicInMMDProject, by StarrukaHedgehog
Shoes: 3DDestiny
Jeans: amiamy111
Cat set: Nekofred
hair: amiamy111
top: sims3ripper
Stage: MMD3DCGParts
Sky The Hedgehog by Crispurplehearts
Sky The Hedgehog
Art Trade: :icondrawercookie:


Amy Rose:  SonicInMMDProject, by StarrukaHedgehog
Snow Boots: amiamy111
Rose Bloom Dress: lizzyvolti
Shaken Bangs: mmdfakewings18
Strawberry: tehrainbowllama
Strawberry Stage: shootingstarblue
Alesso Spectrum hair: sims3ripper
BeLLaMylife by Crispurplehearts


Request: :iconbellamylife:

Amy Rose: SonicInMMDProject, by StarrukaHedgehog
dress: floramy
ears: amiamy111
cat bell: amiamy111
belt: amiamy111
tail: TehPuroisen
ponytail: mmd3dcgparts
stage: amiamy111


Please be patient I will open requests again! :icononionx3plz:

Crispurplehearts by nati-50hedgehog

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Luna the Cat by Crispurplehearts

  Nebula the Hedgehog by Crispurplehearts

Karolina the Hedgehog by Crispurplehearts

Kate the Hedgehog by Crispurplehearts

Laura the Echidna by Crispurplehearts

Alish the Hedehog by Crispurplehearts


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Chris!!


I work with 3D art using Miku Miku Dance and PMD Editor. :D :iconnicesmileplz:

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